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  • « On peut dire qu'en réalité l'être humain s'aime terriblement lui-même. Il s'aime vraiment beaucoup, c'est incontestable. Et c'est cet amour de lui-même qui fait que la connaissance de soi devient source d'illusions. Ainsi l'être humain ne veut pas s'avouer qu'il n'est un être social que pour moitié, et que pour l'autre, il est un être antisocial. »
    Dornach, 6 décembre 1918 – GA186

    Rudolf Steiner
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Official Website of author, lecturer and translator Terry Boardman
  1. This article was written as a response to J. Paul Greenaway’s article Is “spiritual science” science? The flawed legacy of Rudolf Steiner published in the Comment section of the UK Column website on 25 May 2023. UK Column declined to publish the article, and so it has been published here. J. Paul Greenaway’s waspish hit-piece on [...]
  2. This article first appeared in New View magazine Issue #108  July-Sept 2023 To the majestic heights of summer The Sun’s brilliant being arises It draws my human feeling out And into its vast expanse of space. Intuitively, within my soul A sense is stirring that dimly tells me: In future time you will understand That [...]
  3. This article first appeared in New View magazine #107 April-June 2023 People born in the middle of a century, like me (1952), tend to look back to the beginning of the century, the time of their grandparents’ youth, as well as to the end of the century, the time of their own maturity and old [...]
  4. This article first appeared in New View  magazine #106 Jan.- March 2023 In the three articles I have written in New View magazine this year about the conflict in Ukraine, a conflict which has broken out 33 years after the momentous events of the year 1989, and 233 years after the outbreak of the French [...]
  5. The two largest empires, the two greatest imperial rivals in the world for most of the 19th century were the British and the Russian. In the middle of that century their rivalry led to a major military conflict between them in Russia’s Crimea, a region thousands of miles from Britain and France, which those two [...]
  6. To heal an illness, we must first diagnose it correctly; we must understand what is causing it. What then are the roots of the Anglo-Russian antagonism that we see going on related to the conflict in Ukraine? For while the local conflict there appears to be one between Russians and Ukrainians that has its own [...]
  7. This article was first published in New View magazine No.103 April-June 2022 This year, which happens to be the Year of the Tiger in the traditional Chinese calendar, the month of March (in the western calendar) was dominated by the movements of the planet after which the month is named – Mars. When Vladimir Putin [...]
  8. This article was first published in New View magazine #101 Oct-Dec 2021 In the [Greco-Roman] epoch the Christ Impulse was born out of the forces of death for the salvation of mankind.  …. in [our current] epoch mankind is led by a strange paradox to a renewed experience of the Mystery of Golgotha through the [...]
  9. This article was first published in The Present Age magazine Vol. 5 No. 11, July 2020 If we contemplate the number 23, we can recall that the most famous Psalm in the Bible – Psalm 23 – speaks of man’s confidence in his trust in God’s support. The Koran was revealed to Mohammed over a [...]
  10.   This article was first published in The Present Age magazine Vol. 6 Nos. 3/4 2020/2021 2020 - a year which began with hope in the West, despite the news of a new virus that had very recently emerged in distant China, a year in which many Europeans looked forward to celebrating the 250th anniversaries [...]

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