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Près de 100 ans de pratique !

Par Stéphane Lejoly

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An article by Stéphane Lejoly
Translation : Philippe E. A. Lheureux

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No Government, Parliament, political movement, State or people, can substantially modify their laws or application modalities, or take certain decisions, without being immediately confronted to the verdicts of financial markets: in whatever domain, any measure which would be too unfavourable to them, be it directly or indirectly, would inevitable lead to, and this within a very short delay, to a tendency to reduce their investments, to withdraw capital and to increase the interest rates on the loans they consent.
As long as this problem, amongst others, wouldn’t be “resolved” at its root, it will remain impossible, even with the best political and/or popular vote, to get out of the current rut, which constitute the soil on which flourishes disastrous financial, economic, social, cultural crisis’s such as we know them.
Are we in front of a situation with definitely no issue or does there exist one or more credible solutions to get out of this dead end?


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Cette proposition de vouloir donner à chacun dès sa naissance ou à sa majorité un RIB, c'est à dire un droit "inconditionnel" de recevoir chaque mois une somme d'argent suffisante pour subvenir à ses besoins, sans avoir l'obligation de travailler, outre les absurdités économiques qu'une telle idée recèle, suscite une image qui toujours me revient : celle du Grand Inquisiteur dont parle Dostoïevski dans les "Frères Karamazov".

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Réaction vive à l’ouvrage de Markus Osterrieder, Welt im Umbruch (Nationalitätenfrage, Ordnungspläne und Rudolf Steiners Haltung im Ersten Weltkrieg) [Monde en mutation (Question des nationalités, plans d’ordre mondial, et attitude de Rudolf Steiner lors de la Première guerre mondiale)], Freies Geistesleben, Stuttgart, 2014


Texte revu en janvier 2015
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Heftige Reaktion auf Markus Osterrieders Buch Welt im Umbruch (Nationalitätenfrage, Ordnungspläne und Rudolf Steiners Haltung im Ersten Weltkrieg), Verlag Freies Geistesleben, Stuttgart, 2014

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