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Part I - The winner of the dawn gazelle
Daliya Paz
Poem inspired by Micah 7:8 (Psalms)


Part II - Eskimos, Op. 64: No. 3, Exiles
Amy Beach

Photography : Muriele Sagie - www.murielesagie.com 




The winner of the dawn gazelle (Daliya Paz)

The one who draws in the night
A handful of light tight and thin
triumphs over the dawn star.
Not the morning star
that shines in a pentacle, and whose course is fluid.
Without realizing it.
But a gazelle
Rising from the darkness
Singing softly;
Only in the darkness, the light of God
In the darkness, God's light
In the darkness, God.
Light, springing up in the day
A hidden, breathing essence
A being born of David's song, of a hymn
Melting into the light.
Transforming the darkness
By her heart that thickens to night
By her beautiful dark eyes
That speak;
In the darkness


From the performance: "In the darkness, the Light
Brussels – 4 July 2022 - Espace Lumen 

The complete show was born from the experience of the inner shadows that everyone carries within and is called to transform.
It speaks to us of the passage through the darkness to find the light.
It consists of a few poems and a fragment of a story, presented in Hebrew, as well as six musical pieces for piano and violin.

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Eurythmy graduation performance
Eurythmy training Derech Hagai, Galilee, Israel
You where watching a part of an eurythmy graduation performance.
To view all or other parts of the show: https://eurythmy.soi-esprit.info


Moria Ben Sira - Noa Goren - Charlotte Lejoly

Louise Andri
Reciter and eurythmy teacher:
Daliya Paz 
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Eurythmy is an art of movement that seeks to make visible what is invisible in music and poetry. In music, the eurythmist tries to express the musical elements of the piece (rhythm, melody, harmonies, ...) through his or her gestures, so that the whole being moves and, like a musical instrument, plays and sings what is heard in the music through his or her gestures. The group choreography allows the musical piece to unfold in the space between the eurythmists. When the eurythmist wants to make the word visible in a poem, a story or a dramatic piece, he or she reveals to the audience the mysteries of language (rhythms, sounds and letters, ...) as well as the images and feelings that live in the poem. 


All the works performed in this performance:









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